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Jack and Jeannine Marvell’s path to the creation of The Marvellous Catering Company was a long and bumpy road. It involved two fifteen-year-olds falling in love at a pencil sharpener, marrying and creating seven awesome children, and some not-so-awesome businesses. On that road, Jack became an electrical contractor, a welder, a plumber, and an inventor. Jeannine honed her innate knack for connecting with people.  She also created a home with so much warmth (and wallpaper) that everyone felt welcome and wanted to stay; many did. During all of those years, there were two constants – cooking and laughter. Family dinners at the Marvell Home were, and still are, a major production. Jack, and later his kids, did all the cooking, and Jeannine kept an immaculate house. As the Marvell’s grew up, so did Utah Valley, and the once strictly DIY community showed an interest in catering. Friends and family started calling on Jack and Jeannine to provide food for their special events. So began Marvellous Catering with what Jack says was “a rock and a stick.”  


The story continues as five of their seven children have joined the day-to-day operations of Marvellous Catering. It’s a good story that is centered on love and proves the theory about success coming to those who love what they do. In the case of Marvellous Catering, it’s doing what we love with whom we love.



Robynn wears many hats at Marvellous Catering.  She manages all aspects of client relations from the first phone call to post-event follow up.   We suspect the minute Robynn wakes each morning, in her mind's eye, she sees a color-coded chart of the day's events, including the tiniest details. It's a superpower of hers for which we are very grateful.  Robynn is fiercely loyal. That loyalty extends to our customers. She is deeply invested in providing delicious and attractive food that is cheerfully and professionally served. Making your dream event a reality is a big deal to Robynn, and she will relentlessly pursue success even if it means she is "the bossy one." 


In her limited downtime, Robynn makes a beautiful home and loves cooking for her family, including Tom, her husband of thirty-six years, her children, and grandchildren.



Todd is the 2nd to the oldest. He is our "foodie" and music aficionado. Todd worked for many years in a commercial bakery; that experience has been very valuable to our business. He is now our head chef, tirelessly creating 1000's of meals every day. Todd brings love to our kitchens and our food. He has a heart of gold.

He never turns down an opportunity to travel and try the local fare. Todd and his wife, Jodi, who works in our office, are the parents of five children and one very beloved granddaughter. 



Jeff is number five of the seven Marvell kids. After graduating from college, the vortex of Marvellous Catering sucked him in. Having spent many years as a cabinet builder, he discovered he could continue to build - with people in place of wood.  With the traits of a fearless and benevolent general, he has created a team in our hot kitchen that is hyper-productive and committed to the highest of standards.  


Jeff and his wife, Chelsea, have four children.  Together they hope to create a band of free-thinkers who love adventure, music, and art.



If we had official titles at Marvellous Catering, Jed's would read, CFO, CHRO, Chief Procurement Officer, Chief Security Officer,

Chief Construction Officer, Fleet Manager, and our favorite, Director of Large-Scale Events. 

Jed shines the brightest when overseeing a four-day event that involves feeding 20,000 guests —
with him at the lead, it seems like a walk in the park, and he makes us all feel superhuman in

the process.


Every company needs someone who wants to climb every mountain - literally and figuratively.  Jacquelynn is that person. Excellence, and growth for our company, our executive team, and our amazing crews, is her daily ambition. Thank heaven she tempers her quest for improvement with an equal interest in showing appreciation that includes lots of beautifully tied ribbons, treats, and fun surprises.   


Jacquelynn relishes her life-long adventure raising a special daughter who loves romance, dress ups, cross-country airplane rides, and room service.

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