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"I've worked with the Marvellous team for 7+ years. I've used them for huge events for thousands of people to intimate weddings to 3x a week catered lunches for 1000+ people. Marvellous is truly that... MARVELOUS! They are extremely consistent (if you reorder an item, it will taste and look the exact same as the first time you ordered it). They are very professional and their staff is the most trustworthy group of people I've ever worked with. They are so efficient and can accommodate any need or ask. But my most favorite part is, of course, the food. Every recipe they make is well thought out, tested, and amazingly delicious. You can't go wrong with Marvellous.  I highly recommend you use them for any catering needs, they'll make you look amazing"
—Shelby Van Ommeren,

    Qualtrics Campaign Events Manager

Fresh, delicious, clean, dependable and incomparable, are words that come to mind when hearing Marvellous Catering. It’s been 20 years that we have been working with Marvellous Catering, their splendid family, and staff—and never, ever, have we been disappointed. Spectacular food and service!


If a venue won’t allow an outside caterer, we change locations. Our events include Marvellous at any cost. They will work with you on your menu, budget, event dates, locations, they simply accommodate and meet your every need.  Their food is only the best, fresh and delicious and made by people that really care about what they are doing. I would recommend Marvellous Catering every single day, 365, they are the best!! 
— Lisa Oakley, Manager, Events,

    DHI Computing Service, Inc.

We have worked with Marvellous Catering for the last 20 years and truly value our relationship with them. Our staff and members absolutely love their food and look forward to any event catered by Marvellous. Their staff is outstanding—patient, professional, creative, efficient, and flexible. I would highly recommend them for any event, big or small. 


— Jen Petersen

UT House of Representatives staff member

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